”The schedule was really tight and synchronizing the calendars of the different parties resembled rocket science.

Sami Kuosmanen
Vehicle and equipment manager
Geomatikk Finland Oy

What do we do at Geomatikk? From the point of view of society’s functioning, it is important that the excavation contractors ask us about the location of the underground cables before starting earthworks. At Geomatikk, we handle several tens of thousands of such inquiries every year.

Geomatikk Finland Oy is part of the international Geomatikk Group, which is the market leader of cable display in Finland, Norway and Sweden. There are already more than 800 of us in total. Our turnover for 2021 was 97 million euros. In Finland, Geomatikk Group serves diggers with Online Verification and Digging Permit services. Our clients are e.g. Telia, Caruna, Loiste, Kaisanet, MPY, Elenia, Lounea, Valoo and Valokuitunen as well as Eltel Networks and Voimatel.

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We had half a year to find new premises and move

Geomatikk had been operating in Pitäjänmäki at Takkatie for a long time, but we were faced with a new situation at the end of March 2022 when the owner of the property announced that the building would undergo a major renovation. In practice, this meant that we should look for new facilities that meet our needs in six months, says Sami Kuosmanen from Geomatikk.

I received an assignment from the company’s management to map suitable premises in the capital region that would meet the requirements we set for the premises. The “wish list” was marked with e.g. accessibility by different means of transport, proximity to services, parking spaces. Our sister company Keypro Oy, which offers online information systems, was also moving to the same premises with us, so the location near technology companies was considered important.

I started looking for objects suitable for frames on the internet and after searching for some time, I came across an interesting office, which was rented by ScanReal’s Jan Nyberg. This premises did not meet our expectations, but Jan promised to look for more suitable premises for us. It didn’t take long before Jan had twenty different spaces to offer us, from Keilaniemi to Käpylä. Trying to find free time in the management team’s calendars to get to know the properties brought its own challenge, as well as the summer months, when both the people of my own company and the property managers spent their summer vacations.

Suitable premises were found in Ruoholahti

In September, exploring numerous destinations was finally rewarded. We found premises that meet all the most important criteria – a 350 m² open office close to Länsiväylä in Technopolis in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. The choice was also made easier by the knowledge that Technopolis uses 100% renewable electricity on the Ruoholahti campus and that all campus buildings have a LEED certificate as proof of environmental performance. In addition, Technopolis is only 10 minutes away from the center, and has excellent metro and bus connections.

The premises were ready to move into, but the challenge was that the premises would not be available for our use until January 2023, but luckily Technopolis was able to arrange temporary premises for us between September and January. The valuable work done by Jan Nyberg to find the premises can only be admired. The schedule for finding suitable premises in six months was really tight and matching the calendars of the different parties required Jan’s nerves and was almost like rocket science, Sami Kuosmanen summarizes last year’s events.

CASE Geomatikk, Helsinki

Find new business premises in the capital region within six months

Ready-to-move-in open office on one level in Ruoholahti. Technopolis Ruoholahti 1, Hiilikatu 3.

Office 375 m² + storage 28 m²