Carl Hansen & Søn

Flagship Store Helsinki

The flagship store also has a positive impact on retailers

Our flagship stores have proven to be a fantastic business initiative that not only generates growth, but which also has a positive knock-on effect on all the dealers who sell furniture from Carl Hansen & Søn. 

CEO Knud Erik Hansen

Carl Hansen & Søn Helsinki Flagship Store interior

Carl Hansen & Søn is a family-owned Danish furniture company based on the island of Funen. Carl Hansen & Søn is the company behind many classical furniture designs by leading figures of the Danish modern movement but the company is also collaborating with contemporary designers.

The development of Carl Hansen & Søn has been deeply influenced by a long-term relationship with Hans J. Wegner, one of the greatest designers of all time, who became the driving force behind the international success of the Danish modern design movement. The most well-known names of the movement are Kaare Klint, Arne Jacobsen, Ole Wanscher, Børge Mogensen and Poul Kjærholm. The company also cooperates with new designers, which include e.g. Tadao Ando, EOOS, Naja Utzon Popov, Anker Bak and Brad Ascalon.

Best location in the middle of everything

The opening of a flagship store in Finland seemed self-evident, as we have a very similar taste in terms of design and materials – simple design and time-resistant natural materials. At the flagship store, in addition to offering a wider selection, we are able to experience and try out furniture in a home-like environment where they get even closer to the story behind the furniture, says Martin Leth, Flagship Store Project Manager.

Martin Leth

As in other cities, we wanted to open a flagship store in the heart of Helsinki in a central and high-quality location. We set out to map a suitable store space at the beginning of 2021, and ScanReal was recommended as a business premises broker. They immediately impressed us with their professional touch and asking the right questions. They were able to propose several retail premises in the heart of Helsinki that met our needs, and it didn’t take long to find a retail space in Girsén’s house on the corner of Eteläesplanadi and Erottajankatu, which met all the requirements for a flagship store, adds Martin Leth.

We spoke the same language

The collaboration with ScanReal went great, as a joint melody was immediately created with our contact Jan Nyberg. He understood the criteria of the flagship concept in terms of location and Business Space, and that’s why things progressed at a rapid pace. Jan is a typical Finn in the eyes of a Dane, things are progressing according to the agreed schedule and what is promised will be done. In addition, when the retail space was also renovated at a rapid pace in just three weeks, we were able to celebrate the opening in June 2021. commented Martin Leth.

CASE Carl Hansen & Søn Flagship Store Helsinki

To find a space that meets the requirements for a flagship store in the best location in town.

Suitable premises were found in Girsén’s house on the corner of Eteläesplanadi and Erottajankatu. The premises were renovated in accordance with the customer’s flagship store concept.

279 m² (+ storage 38 m²)

Retail store